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CCTV / Video Surveillance

CCTV / Video Surveillance

Our CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Are you looking for a CCTV camera solution for monitoring your premises?, Do you want a security camera surveillance system solution which can give a detailed video footages of the incidents and events to investigate?, Do you want a stable and reliable IP based CCTV system which monitors, records and secures your building and premise using security monitoring camera?, Then with ACIX middle East you are at the right place. With our well efficient engineering team deployed across UAE, We help companies in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, Al Ain etc. to implement a proper CCTV camera system in UAE. Sony SNC Dome Camera We analyze the current security situation and security threats of each client and propose them a proper security monitoring solution, helping them in securing their peoples, visitors, employees, Guests with proper video keeping and archiving method. We also help organizations to get CCTV approval for Dubai Police (DPS ) and Abu Dhabi police clearance certificate for the business licensing. While we provide simple CCTV systems in UAE, We Also provide complex Security cameras systems integrated with other security systems like access control systems, swing glass flap barriers, glass wing barriers, turnstile gates, Glass doors, Electrical magnetic doors, lifts and elevator access systems etc. We also provide IP CCTV system for centralized monitoring where all cameras are deployed across different locations and all controlling and monitoring of all security cameras at branches are done remotely at the central head office.

We position ourselves as not just a distributor or supplier of CCTV surveillance system but a distributor who works closely with system integrators, installers and resellers throughout the life cycle of the projects to overcome all complex challenging security camera requirements.
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A Brief on CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Closed circuit television commonly called CCTV also known as video surveillance system means, Use Video cameras to monitor and record a Place or an event for a purpose. It can be for security or any other purpose. Mostly, the particular system now a days used for security purposes. Where you record all the the videos of the events and happenings of a place to view it live and later with recorded video clips.Sony Bullet camera

Security camera system has become most vital part of any security system of any place around the globe. With the rise of rapid security threat across the globe, many governments have made CCTV system mandatory. CCTV system comprises of many components from cameras, recording devices, connectivity devices, monitoring equipments.
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How modern technologies impacted on modern CCTV surveillance systems

Traditional CCTV was analog signal based system. Those systems had a lot of limitation to meet most modern security requirements from CCTV system. Analog based CCTV system is one way communication system, where signals are transmitted as voltage signals. Some of the limitation faced are, Low picture quality, limitation to integrate with other systems, cant use current networks and need more complex cablings and infrastructure. When IP based system, which uses digital packet data transmission of videos, CCTV system has become more advanced. IP based cameras became more popular in the market. IP CCTV system enabled people to use current and same network which they used for other systems. Most advanced integration with other system like access control, alarm system, building management systems became much common in the industry. With the introduction of video management software in CCTV industry, Which helped to get a lot of analytics features in CCTV security system. Using high mega pixel cameras in CCTV system made forensic investigation much easier and advanced. Market witnessed production of many high resolution cameras which use low bandwidth. When VMS companies started working with advanced video compression algorithms like H.264 and H.265, High resolution Video security cameras have become feasible for the security industry. Those things reduced cost of network infrastructure and cost of storage space very less, so that everybody can own an advanced useful system.

Although current major market share is owned by analog CCTV system, IP based digital CCTV system expected to cross them in couple of years.

Components of IP based CCTV system

Monitoring cameras : Cameras are the devices which capture the images and videos of an area or an incident. Cameras comprises of lens, sensor mainly. When we select a camera, main things to keep in mind are, if the location is inside or outside, environmental condition of the CCTV installation.Area and angle of required view of the camera, lighting condition, what to see, distance to focus etc. Accordingly we need to select the cameras types with different sensor, lens and housings. Required Pixel density also can be considered.

Network connectivity devices : This part of the IP CCTV system mainly include, network switches and network cables. Selection network switches depend on the number of cameras, amount of bandwidth in coming in each locations. cables can be selected according to distances, whether it is fiber or copper cables.

Video management software ( VMS ): This is the brain of any IP based CCTV system, which process the captured data from cctv cameras. captured videos are transmitted as digital data through network devices and is given video management software, shortly called as VMS. This CCTV processing software helps to record, monitor, report, integrate CCTV video footages. Lots of analytics features are also available in such CCTV software. Number plate detection software is an example of a module of VMS. Another examples can be face detection software module, people counting module etc. Many reporting features and integration features are available in all modern CCTV recording software.

Recording Devices : This is where all processed video footages are archived for future investigation purpose. People use SAN storages, NAS storages, ISCSI storage units depends on the purpose and requirement. Normal NVRs also can be used. Specialized CCTV recording storages are now available in the industry.

Monitoring tools : comprises of Client PC or workstation with VMS client software. This is where people access and do investigation on the recorded CCTV footages.

Some of the Types of Video security cameras

Dome Security cameras : Dome CamerasDome are named as dome due to their dome like shape. Dome cameras are commonly used in surveillance systems mainly inside of any premise . Sometimes it is used as outdoor cameras as well, depending on the situation. This is because dome cameras are more fashionable and blend in in very well to their environment.

Bullet Type Security Cameras : Bullet cameras are mainly used in outdoor ruggedized applications , They come with long range infra red lights and out door housing and looks like a rifle bullet.

PTZ cameras : PTZ CamerasPTZ security cameras are cameras which have the ability to do Pan, Tilt, Zoom. They Can do this either automatic or manual. Such type of cameras mainly used in big venue monitoring purposes.

Thermal cameras : Thermal camerasThose are the cameras which make an image through thermal radiations of a body. Such cameras are mainly used for high security applications like border security and defense security. Monitoring is possible even if at extreme darkness and long distance.

Apart from this, Security monitoring cameras are available depending on the special requirement , like wide angled cameras where we need to select wide sensors, Varifocal CCTV cameras where you want to do special focusing to an object, Low light sensitivity Security cameras where you can monitor the videos in extreme low light. Infra red beam light cameras, Vandal resistant and weather proof security cameras etc. All above things are considered depending on the security monitoring objective.

Our CCTV Solution for UAE, Which is an emerging Market for CCTV security camera system

UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi which shows rapid economical growth recently, looking forward with more aggressive infrastructure development in light of Dubai 2020 EXPO and other tourist events.

Coming days brighter and promising for any business in UAE. All this indicates high demand of security and safety systems requirement from the market. Market need stable and reliable safe environment to maintain the current momentum of growth. False proof security measures are vital in any tourist attractive places. UAE government is taking all measures to ensure all of its places much safe and secured environment. Especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi Government has already made a lot of laws and resolutions for the implementation of false proof security systems for many business entities. Implementation and installation of IP CCTV systems in UAE, Especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are increasing day by day.

Government bodies verifies the implemented security system of many business groups before they issue the licensee for them. All this shows UAE is a good emerging market for security systems like CCTV system, access control and alarm systems.

We have partnered with World's leading CCTV camera manufactures especially for IP based CCTV system, Like Sony security cameras, Avigilion IP CCTV, Matrix CCTV etc to provide cutting edge solutions in terms of IP CCTV system in UAE.

Sony electronic security system division produces full line of IP based surveillance system that set industry standard for image quality and performance. All products are based on Sony advanced image sensors which produce high mega pixel resolution CCTV cameras with higher frame rate.

Matrix SATATYA range of surveillance solutions from Matrix is designed specifically for large enterprises and multi-location organizations which require centralized and remote management with real-time notification from CCTV system. The SATATYA range brings quality and robust engineering to the Video Surveillance domain and is creating new benchmarks in solutions and support. These enterprise-grade reliable solutions are power packed with advanced features that not only deliver effective and efficient security but also enhance productivity.

We are also authorized partners for CCTV Video management software, And CCTV recording storage device manufacturing companies like Luxriot and Avigilion to provide a stable and reliable security monitoring solutions to the companies in alliance with major integrators, installers and resellers of the CCTV system in UAE.
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Other Security Monitoring solutions we provide

Construction site monitoring cameras/ Time lapse snap shot cameras
Are you looking for a solution to monitor your construction site progress?. Do you want to get timely update on your site condition and get the progress snap shot of your construction?

We Acix Dubai, Well experienced in providing stable and reliable security monitoring solutions, Now provides construction companies across UAE best solutions for time lapse site monitoring CCTV cameras to capture progress snap shot of construction sites in UAE.

UAE Which is undergoing spontaneous economical growth witness rapid growth of constructions industry. Monitoring and keeping an eye on your construction site has become mandatory by the local law.

We Acix Dubai has partnered with Oxblue USA for their enterprise level construction site monitoring solutions. OxBlue was founded January 1, 2001. R&D began on developing a solution which served the needs of the construction industry. Oxblue time lapse cameras are highly reliable turnkey solutions which have been implemented for many construction site monitoring camera requirements. Oxblue intelligent, responsive construction camera interface design ensures experience the same features and benefits on your smart phone or tablet including one-touch access to the most-used functions - with no compromise on quality. Our goal is for your experience to be exceptional every time you access the OxBlue interface, no matter where you are or what device you use. Our construction cameras, our interface is complete, but never complex.

We provide turnkey solutions with solar power panel and full mounting kits to withstand adverse environmental conditions of construction sites of UAE.

  • Large, high-definition construction site snapshot photos that fill your screen
  • One-click access to the functions you'll use most: select images, pan-and-zoom, and play high-definition time-lapse movies
  • An intuitive experience with a crisp, clean look and feel
  • Lifetime construction camera warranty
  • Environmental controls (heater, blower and defroster)
  • Rugged, weather-proof aluminum enclosure
  • Wide-angle lens standar
  • Shortly, We are a well known provider of outstanding and cost effective reliable solution in terms of IP CCTV system in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, And For the entire market of UAE.