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Matrix Change summit event which was conducted in collaboration with Acix Middle East at Hyatt regency Deira Dubai  on 12th dec 2015  has given an entirely new experience  on how time attendance, access control and IP telephone systems can be utilized at its very best level and applications in various business sectors.

More than  just a product exhibition ,it gave a full insight to people and partners, how matrix time attendance , access control and IP telephony solutions make the revolutionary change in business world and how different applications can be utilized in each segments.

At access control system pavilion, many people showed great interest towards vehicle access management solutions which is very much effective for monitoring and controlling vehicles to a parking premise. Presentation on  Data  centre access control management solutions  also grabbed attention of many showcased applications on Time attendance solutions were totally impressive with the some special modules like mobile solutions , monitoring windows . Mobile attendance management solutions tend to be a good product for construction industry ,Especially for market like Dubai And Abu dhabi.
Another major milestone of the event was launching of matrix Satatya , which is matrix video surveillance recording software . Sataya is positioned as matrix  innovative video recording software with many feature rich analytics  to enhance most advanced experience of video security systems.
Although matrix IP telephony solutions are  not much popular in the market ,the event really helped Matrix and Acix to create an awareness to the market on how Matrix IP telecom systems are different and competitive in the UAE and GCC market. 
Matrix vice president who lead the show briefed  his vision and plan of execution for matrix products  in the UAE and GCC market .According to him goal of matrix is to deliver world class telecom and security solutions through continuous improvements in process and technology . This has been achieved by its very good expertise and visionary resource investment in research and development.
According Mr. Shad Bin siraj , Director of Acix middle East and Mr. Abhay Joshi , international business Manager of Matrix India PVT Ltd , market share of matrix access control and time attendance solutions have grown 200% with in last 10 months . This exponential growth was a result combined  effort  of Matrix and Acix Middle east.

UAE especially Dubai And Abu Dhabi which are forecasting an exponential growth in coming year with their visionary leadership of their rulers are going to see a great place of hope for investors and business people.
Matrix and Acix , Being an emerging company in Dubai , UAE also very keen to market maximum market share in the region for its access control and time attendance systems.

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