Security Boom Bollards and Parking Blocking Systems

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Automatic Security Boom Bollards and Parking Blocking Systems

We offer a wide range of Automatic boom Bollards which suits various applications of domestic and commercial requirements, such as driveways, parking management uses and access control management. Automatic rising bollards can be used for both vehicle access management solutions and high end security applications where you have to restrict the traffic.

Automatic bollards which we offer for driveways ensures you with a high level of security and convenience. Controlling option for bollards can be anything, such as remotes, RFID technologies, Access system Software, Sensors. We propose the solution depending on your specific requirement and situation.

We have our own expertise who can install your system to the professional standard you expect, and will ensure the correct operation and performance of your system.

Different methods of controlling barriers and bollards are, remote control operation, numeric keypad entry, Automatic Number Plate Recognition and a variety of window RFID tag entry options.

Fully Automatic retractable parking bollards:
Security Bollards are perfect system for high level of security and protection for drive ways and pathways. Retractable driveway security posts are very easy to use. This is an automatic, hydraulically operated bollard that offers superior aesthetics. It has a very high impact resistance made of cast.

Semi Automatic retractable parking bollards:
This type of bollards are i motion by key setting which lock and unlock, then a simple push will make it sink in to the ground. Bollard can come back to rises positions with a simple turn of the key.

High Security bollards:
These are used in most demanding security applications like airports, borders for controlling access and are with great impact resistance capacity.

Removable bollards:
Such bollards are used for temporary purposes, with a turn of key bollard can be fixed and removed from the surface.

Fixed bollards:
These are permanent cast iron structure fixed in roadways, pathways to control traffic.

Parking slot reserving bollards:
Such small hydraulic bollards can be used to reserve private parking facilities, VIP parking spaces, Special parking slots.

Smart Management readers and software:
We provide a full proof solution for managing any kind of bollard installations. This is done by integrating with our intelligent readers which gets reading from smart card readers and biometric readers. For example managing a bollard through window based RFID stickers, sensors, Loop detectors etc. We also give remote control based and push button based systems.

We are well experienced in providing various traffic bollards systems in UAE. What Ever your requirement for such parking and access management bollards, we are being a good supplier, are here to help you in UAE.