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Matrix Cafeteria / Canteen Management System

Many organizations and companies are providing canteen facilities for their employees in their business premise. This provides a better convenience and comfort for the staff. Implementing a system for Managing such staff canteen is so critical for the organizations. Otherwise companies with huge employees would face a lot of difficulties. Maintaining canteen records manually incur high cost for any company. There is chance for food wastage, if you dont have a proper canteen management solution because, no body knows the required food quantity in advance. Matrix has developed a cutting edge solution for managing such staff canteen. This is an add on module with Matrix centra platform which constitutes other modules like time attendance module, access control module, job costing module, visitor management module. As mentioned above Food wastage in canteen is a global problem. Your costs increase because of this. Scarce food resources, which could be used by those who need it most, gets wasted. Matrix Solution help you to decrease your food wastage cost by 20%. It Avoid long customer queue in the staff cafeteria, reducing time wasting further.

An Over View On How Our Canteen Management Solution Works:
At Matrix, we have specially designed a system that's overcomes customer irritation, keeps your hair in place and dramatically improves your turnover. Here's how our Canteen Terminal works for you.

Your focus remains on serving of the food, efficiently. Improving turnaround. Increasing turnover. Your customers are happier. And, so are you.

  • - Your customers use their pre-programmed Smart Cards to make cashless payments at canteens and cafeterias using Canteen Terminal

  • - This keeps your Canteen's focus on serving food, fast. Not wasting time in finding loose change and building up customer queues

  • - The best part is that your data is safe even during power cuts. Matrix Canteen Terminals come with an ingenious back-up flash drive where in the unfortunate eventuality of a power cut, you can switch to manual, without the fear of any loss of information.

Our smart Terminals come armed with keypad and Dual Display so that you don't have to connect a separate device to your computer to input any data.

Our canteen management system provides a friendly User Interface for numerous food outlets, menu design, billing features and lots more. Software comprises of Vendor and Multiple Items Management, Centralized Employee Engagement, Inventory Management, Refund and Recharge, Smart Billing Design, Touch Screen Operations .
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Key Features of Matrix cafeteria and canteen management solutions:
  • Customizable Menu : Multiple menu options up to 255 menu items to accommodate different types.
  • Menu Schedule: Companies can schedule menus with dates and times.
  • Auto-Selected Item: This function is useful when the cafeteria serves one item as the complete lunch/dinner meal or want to offer the most selling items as the default item. One item per menu can be defined as a default item and it will be displayed on the top. User need not navigate through the menu to order the auto-selected menu item.
  • Cashless Transactions: With Matrix COSEC Cafeteria/Canteen Management system, employees can postpaid and prepaid payment option can be integrated with accounts software.
  • Refund Requests: It is possible that when a user orders an item shown in the menu and cafeteria cannot serve it due to stock-out or other reasons. It is also likely complete order cafeteria cannot serve the entire order and offers only few items or partial quantity from the order.
  • Balance Recharge:: Staff can recharge their prepaid accounts with cosec card enroller or smart card enrollment devices.
  • Food Planning: This helps companies to reduce food wastage by planning day to day consumption from previous data.
  • Blocked Users:Companies can block or black list people depending on the situation
  • Consumption Status: Each employee can see and take report of their consumption status, they can use employee self service portal
  • Integration with Printer: Matrix cosec can be integrated with any third party printer,like thermal printers.
  • Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software: All data from Matrix canteen management software can be exported to payroll and billing software enabling organization in payroll calculation, and cost per employee calculation.
  • Informative Reports: Administration, HR and finance can generate 30+ informative cafeteria reports by applying various filters to monitor user-wise, department-wise, daily and monthly food consumption and expenses. They can also analyze item-wise consumption and transaction details. Reports are available in various formats like PDF, Excel, Word, Text, RTP and CSV.
  • Advantages and Benefits of Matrix Canteen Management System:
  • Use attendance data for preparing and cooking food
  • Transparent system
  • Automated data transfer
  • Cashless, coupon-less operation
  • Less manpower
  • Reduce wastage of food and reduce cost
  • Improve quality of service and reduce leakages and arguments
  • Save HR time, reduce errors and improve productivity
  • Speed operation improves efficiency and capacity
  • Reduce cost
  • How Matrix Matrix Canteen /Cafeteria Management Software Add Value to a Comprehensive Employee Food/Meal Management System in UAE:
    Although many companies use Employee meal management system in UAE ,most of them are not fully automated system for staff meal management system. Many such system and does not provide detailed report or integration with other security systems in an organization. Matrix Security solutions which are well known in the market for its outstanding and feature rich access control and time attendance software and hardware system for UAE and GCC market, has been so keen in the development of such enhanced canteen meal management solution for UAE and middle east market.

    Matrix employee food management software provides solution integrated with such Matrix biometric or smart card reading machines, resulted a fully automatic solution for staff canteen management system.

    Matrix Centra enterprise software is developed and positioned as an enterprise resource planning software for such special and customized requirements for UAE market . Notifications on certain policies, notifications to managers on certain incidents can be set in the software. Matrix Centra software which has been developed after assessing a number of case studies from the market is able to cater and satisfy many clients in the middle east market.

    With lots of distinct features. The solution is so enriched to meet all the employee cafeteria management system requirements of any organization. Even it is a prepaid or post paid card meal management system. Solution is designed basically keeping three main dimensions, means, user, Time and consumption.

    We Acix Middle East being a sole supplier and distributor of Matrix products which includes, Matrix time attendance system, Matrix Access control system, Matrix Canteen management and visitor management software, Matrix security surveillance solutions in UAE, We assist installers, integrators, resellers to implement all above systems with high level support which can add value to the customers.