Parking Management Systems

Parking Management System in Dubai, UAE

ACIX is committed to provide intelligent and cost effective parking management systems that not only ease the vehcile parking management but also deliver convenient solutions for drivers and parking management companies . This is an era of smart systems , market tends to be more advanced towards making the system more easy using modern technologies. Same is applicable to vehicle parking management as well. As of from smart parking solutions, Acix Middle East can help to reduce costs and unwanted queuing, waste of time , congestion , By integrating technology with our proven strategies for efficiently management of traffic and parking management programs.

Introduction To Parking Management Systems

Mainly Parking Management System comprises of many solutions and applications depends on the situation and requirement.

Some of the key features we need to consider while designing a car park management system are,
  • Parking Management Software : The software which regulates and monitors entire parking facility requirement
  • Parking reserving barriers : type of barrier we need to create for restricting and regulating the entries and access of the vehicles.
  • Automated Access control system : The parking management system ties in with the Access control system like Automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc
  • Security :The security analyses of the situation , how sensitive is the parking facility etc, includes tying in with RFID based entry exit, Under Vehicle Scanning system and License Plate recognition systems
  • Fee systems :what is the type of fee going to impose , if it a free or chargeable after a certain period.
  • Statistical reporting software : Type of reporting client is looking for, if it is an hourly based or monthly based or weekly based reporting.
  • Real time Vehicle counting :The vehicle counting system gives real time information of all vehicles in parking areas.
  • Video Surveillance system : if video camera security system is to be integrated with parking management system.
  • We have partnered with HUB parking Italy for providing such solutions. HUB parking solution is one of the leading manufacturer many parking management machines like automatic paying stations, pay on foot machines, automatic parking ticket dispensers, parking exit ticket reading. FAAC products has accomplished many prestigious parking management projects in UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    Automatic car park ticketing and paying system:
    Pay your parking tickets with ease: our automatic pay on foot machines combines design, multi functionality and feature rich technology and user friendly. Also Our Pay-On-Foot station is a compact design that allows for easy installation in confined areas like elevator lobbies. Our simple user-friendly interface allows usage more customer friendly at parking facilities Such machines from our partner companies gives high reliability and stability for our customer requirement.

    In addition to this, Cashless payment is getting more and more popular in modern parking applications, cashless means of payment at entries and exits of car park, where these are used as a means of identification and payment.

    The cashless parking payment stations allows your customers to pay easily, securely and quickly with cards like smart cards, credit cards etc.

    Our approach is different we are committed to meet the parking related needs of all types of customers including shopping malls , retails spaces, residential complexes, public places etc. As Dubai and UAE grows at a exponential speed, usage such technologies are obvious in the market.

    What ACIX Dubai Provide as a Solution for Parking management System in Dubai, UAE?:
    Are you looking for an parking management system which can increase your efficiency reduce your traffic congestion?, Do you want to implement a proper parking management system for tracking of the daily traffic to your parking lots?, then you are at the right place when you are with Acix Middle East. We help companies, organizations Across UAE to implement a proper system for managing their parking areas in UAE. This is done by analyzing their current situation and proposing an appropriate management solution. We provide parking management solutions for hypermarkets , shopping malls , private office buildings , commercial properties in UAE. With our office located in Dubai ,but our services not limited to Dubai but extended to all the other parts of emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al quwain, Al Ain etc, Covering these markets We assist our clients for managing a proper parking guidance to generate hundreds of management reports etc.

    Preciously, Being a good supplier and installer of parking Management solutions for long time, we are committed in providing clients with world class solution with advanced support in UAE.

    In short We are a well known supplier and installer of full range of car parking equipment specifically designed for your requirements including Pay and Display for on-street parking and fully computerized Car Parking Solutions for the larger purpose-built car park. This includes car park entry stations, exit/payment stations, cashier terminals and fully integrated management and communication systems.