Interactive Smart Boards

Interactive Smart Boards

Interactive Smart Boards and LCD Screens

We, Acix Middle East offer a wide range of interactive white board innovation to latest technological requirements of the modern world, Large and small touch interactive LCD screens, Interactive smart white boards, overlays, interactive software, Large LED display screens for advertisements, Interactive video wall solutions Etc.

Smart white Boards / Touch Sensitive interactive LCD screens are a special type of interactive touch-sensitive screens that can be used to collaborate and communicate with students in the classroom, with faculty or staff in conference rooms, with colleagues over the Internet, or just about anywhere that has electricity and an outlet to plug in a Smart Board or Smart LCD screens. This also comes with collaborative and interactive software solutions .Market for Interactivity smart solutions are booming in UAE market. Especially in Dubai And Abu Dhabi. The requirement for such solutions are increased due to increased use of smart phones in business world. People Want same experience, what they have with their mobile phones and tablets on public displays, venues, meeting rooms and class rooms.
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People and companies get many added advantages on using of interactive displays and interactive smart boards. Touch provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and can greatly simplify customer interactions and transactions. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections. No keyboard is required, saving space and complexity.

For touch technology, we provide Infrared, Capacitive, Electromagnetic and Optical Technologies to meet different demands. It could be dual, five or ten points of touches for simultaneous operation. We, Acix Middle East has partnered with many world class vendors of Interactive touch smart board and LCD solutions. We offer varieties of options in terms applications and usages. There is no richer way to create, share and interact with digital content in meeting rooms, class rooms than with the SMART Board.

Smart Board Solutions for Business: We are a leading provider Smart board solutions for business applications like for the meeting rooms and conference halls . We have implemented many such solutions across UAE making business more smart and professional. We have the right solutions for extraordinary collaboration.

We offer solutions which are highly collaborative, interactive without any limitation. Our solutions are offered with our alliances with best vendors in the market like Hitachi, Intech, your teams will be able to share ideas and solve issues. And best of all, you'll give people the ability to collaborate wherever, whenever and however they need to. We have made many satisfied customers Across UAE by helping them with innovative Smart board and interactive Touch solutions to their business requirements.

Interactive Smart Board Solutions for Class rooms: Our Smart board solutions for schools and colleges facilitate class room sessions interactive and active learning. They help teachers focus attention and guide student's process as well as capture students' interest and engage their curiosity. Students can use the products to collaborate with each other, investigate new ideas and create projects that demonstrate their learning. Interactive Smart boards accelerate classroom learning with their ability to provide a hands-on, engaging experience that assists in maximizing subject retention.
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Major benefits include:
  • Interactive whiteboards allow many different forms of media - including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, games, and video, to be displayed
  • SMART Boards provide new ways for teachers to teach, and student to learn
  • Opportunity to share and participate in the instructional process.
  • SMART boards allow learners to easily access a rich database of online resources.
  • Interactive boards are also environmentally friendly
  • In Short , SMART Boards provide new ways for teachers to teach, and student to learn. These tools support a wide variety of learning styles. For instance, visual learners can watch as their tutors use the whiteboards to project visual elements, whereas audio learners can listen and have discussions. On the other hand, the Boards come with touch screen capabilities that allow tactile learners to touch and interact with the board.