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Introduction To Video Storage

We Acix middle East, Dubai is a well known supplier and distributor for high quality and reliable IP based CCTV storage solutions. With our partnerships with multi class vendors, we are much competent in the market for providing stable and cost effective IP CCTV recording servers and Storage devices.

With the adoption of IP CCTV or network CCTV system in the market, requirement for stable, reliable and cost effective CCTV video recording devices has increased like never before. Some of the key decisions involved in selecting video recording devices are the type of technology, most popular types used are, SAN storages, ISCSI storages, NAS storages and DAS storages, the requirement type could be decided on the size and special requirement of the CCTV project. As CCTV footages are critical in many of security applications,it is mandatory to consider if the recording devices are meant for 24/7 operation. Also all components used are also meant for 24/7

Types of CCTV Video Recording Storage Devices We Provide,
Network Attached Data Storage solution: It is a file level computer data storage server connected to a computer network. Such Storages are dedicated file storage device that provides local area network nodes. They are configured through browser using utility program.

Direct Attached CCTV Storage Servers: This Storage is connected directly to a computer server. This is an efficient way of recording CCTV footages. As many servers comes with direct attached storage, We can install video management software in the same storage device making the system more stable and cost effective.

Luxriot Raid 6 Direct Attached Storage severs with redundancy: These are dual processor , Xeon servers which are very cost effective and stable of IP CCTV video recording .Support Raid 6, Redundant power , hot spare , it is is designed for robust high performance video 24/7 video recording purposes.
- Support from 12 to 168 TB inbuilt storage capacity
- Expandable storage y
- Comes with Operating system
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Luxriot NVR servers for CCTV storages: These are RAID 6 CCTV storage servers which are network based solution. Very Stable and efficient with dual power control, hot spare and built robust for 24/7 CCTV video recording. Available from 16 TB to 128 TB in one 4 U chase and can expanded with additional bays according to CCTV project requirement.

Our Storages are engineered to support high performance, multi-site installations the Enterprise class multi bay storage system, And has the capacity to support up to PETABYTE of raw storage. Configured in RAID 5 or RAID 6 this video storage appliance will provide a solution that is tuned specially to the demand of each project requirement. All our CCTV video storage devices and servers provides the flexibility and scalability the market demands.

UAE, Specifically, Dubai And Abu Dhabi have started transition CCTV projects from analog to IP based CCTV system. This transition of market from analog camera solution to IP based CCTV system demands high and robust requirement of such IP CCTV storage system. Besides, a lot of government regulation has been implemented in these markets. Such regulation make the country more secured and safe place to live. such regulation has been widely being implemented in many segments, such as commercial complexes, residential buildings, malls, hotels. Government regulation on CCTV system in UAE market has enhanced the requirement of CCTV storage solution in UAE. As per the CCTV system requirement in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, There has been a tremendous increase in the number of cameras used in a CCTV project and number of days of CCTV data storing. The requirement of CCTV system cannot fulfilled and accomplished unless you have a stable and robust IP camera recording servers.

We Acix Middle east, being working as CCTV consultant for many CCTV projects across UAE and GCC, help our clients to come with most advanced IP based CCTV system. We Undertake project from designing to entire life cycle of such CCTV projects in UAE.

Our CCTV project references are spread across all the cities of UAE, majorly Dubai, and Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

In our best effort to provide a stable and reliable IP CCTV storage server solution in UAE and Middle East market, We have partnered with world class brands. For Example our partner ship with LUXRIOT as has been so successful in providing the UAE market very reliable and cost effective IP cameras recording solutions. Luxriot has solution for multi site CCTV projects as wells as solution for high CCTV storage requirement. Luxriot Solution are well in UAE market for their cost effective price and reliability. Being a manufacturer from Europe, Luxriot CCTV storage solutions are highly appreciated and accepted in UAE and Middle East market.

Shortly, We, Acix middle east, Dubai, provide reliable and robust CCTV recording solutions for IP camera projects from small scale to large scale projects. Our main area of focus are Network area storages (NAS) and direct attached storages (DAS)which are stable and reliable for CCTV projects. We have been a major supplier for many CCTV projects across Middle East and North African region.