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Are you looking for Sliding glass Flap barrier gate access control solution for your building lobby or office reception or a automatic smart turnstiles gate solution?, Do you want to implement a proper Access security monitoring system using Smart sensor speed gate solution for your building? At Acix Middle East, Dubai , We help companies, organizations Across UAE to implement a proper system for turnstile gates, sliding hidden glass gates, flap barrier, Automatic hidden swing gates access system using smart card reading technology or biometric fingerprint scanning technology. We are now a well known solution supplier with installation of such systems in UAE. With our office located in Dubai ,but our services not limited to Dubai but extended to all the other parts of emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al quwain, Al Ain.

Our Solution on Automatic turnstile gates and Smart Swing flap barrier systems

Smart Sliding Glass Flap barrier, Automatic Turnstile gate barrier systems are widely used as visitor, crowd and people entrance access control systems in big venues, stadiums, office lobbies, factories, commercial complexes, metro stations etc.

OZAK TurnstileWe Acix Middle East Dubai, Provide solution for managing the reception entrances and exits of such venues, making it a better safe place. Our Varieties of high quality flap and turnstile barrier hardware with our most efficient access management software gives solution to generate reports of the people who accessed each section and floors of your premise. Means a proper system which can allow, restrict , prevent control unauthorized access in accessing your areas. We analyze the current situation and security threats of each clients and proposing them a proper access security solution depending on the requirement.

With our partnerships with world class solution vendors like Ozak turkey and Matrix India Ltd for providing such solutions. We cater high class solutions to our clients in UAE for their swing glass barrier gate, steel turnstiles, and Boom barrier requirements, which can be integrated with visitor access management software, access management software, smart card readers, long range smart card readers etc.

Ozak, being a well known manufacturer of various types of swing glass flap barriers and turnstile gates has showcased many outstanding and reliable products to the market. Flap barrier and turnstile barrier gates usually used to control both directions including handicapped entry. The barrier may operate with Smart card swipe access readers, biometric access reading machines, token acceptor or other remote devices, push buttons which produces a clean contact closure for authorized passage.  OZAK Flap barriersIt has sensor which can control passageway with automatic half-height swing doors, allows comfortable contactless access, it will automatically close after some body passes to prevent unauthorized entry. It can be remotely controlled by an access control system and it is compatible with access control systems standards-serial interfaces. print, smart card, palm vein reading electromagnetic door access control systems in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, And For the entire market of UAE.
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Matrix India PVT Ltd is leading software company in india which has developed a comprehensive software for visitors management solution, access control solutions, time attendance solution, Vehicle access management software. Matrix has enriched their software with latest and advanced features with out compromising any security and hospitality concerns
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Precisely, As direct partners for matrix Visitor management solution, access management solution and OZAK Swing Glass flap barrier gates and turnstiles gates in UAE , We provide cutting edge solution for buildings , offices in managing their visitors ,peoples using our swing glass gate doors , turnstiles which are integrated with matrix smart card readers, matrix biometric readers , matrix visitor management software solutions and matrix access control management software.

Types of turnstile gates and flap barrier gates we provide include

Swing Glass Flap Barrier Swing gates with swing glass flaps are a type of physical access security gates mainly used in the lobbies of an office building to control the people who enter and go out. Swing Glass Flap barriersThis can be integrated with smart card readers like RFID card readers which on card swiping allows access to a particular visitor or Guests. This type of flap barriers are also used in metro stations for card swiping.

Our retractable flap barrier offer premium impression for building pedestrian access control gate. Flap barrier allow wider opening to allow user with big baggage to pass through. Ozak flap gate can be integrated with RFID card reader or biometric fingerprint reader for maximum efficient pedestrian access control speed gate.

Optical Swing glass Flap gates series provide a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic restriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into flap barrier to improve accuracy of reporting. So our sliding auto gate system automates your lifestyle in affordable way
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Hidden swing gate : This type of Smart gate Lane is an aesthetically pleasing, barrier free optical turnstile solution for high rise buildings, government centers, education campuses and corporate headquarters. The models are designed and built to withstand a rigorous access control environment while offering graceful passage. The Turnstile has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. This barrier free optical turnstile is designed for interior applications.

Turnstile Gates: Turnstile gates are mainly used to control a mass of people entering to a area, Entry or exit can be restricted through the use of biometric or smart card readers. Turnstile BarrierCard punching records from the software can give specific entry and exit registration of the people at each doors and entrances.

Tripod turnstile: it can be used for access control reception and entrances to an office and building. Our tested technology regulates the people flow with smooth functionality. Our tripod turnstiles are compatible with many leading card reader brands. The turnstile body has been designed with sleek, modern looks to fit today's world. The main body is constructed from gauge carbon steel with thick base plate. Both are protected with a tough industrial-grade black powder coat finish.

Half Height turnstiles: these are ideal solution for good interior access management, these are stylish swings turnstile gates effective for managing flow of people and visitors with time recording.

Waist Height turnstiles: It is the perfect waist-high turnstile for a variety of applications, ranging from athletic facilities, cafeterias, and schools, to amusement parks, stadiums, and office buildings. Its elegant yet rugged design has been built to withstand the abuse of a mass transit system while maintaining a price that is affordable to businesses at all levels.

Full height turnstiles: these type of turnstiles widely used in outdoor premises for barrier free access management for people and visitors. Series units can be engineered to meet all your security and control requirements, and can be created as stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated system. Available in stainless steel, powder coat or a hot-dipped galvanized finish, these units can be fitted for any application with leading edge technology and features.

Movable Turnstile Gates: Portable is the perfect waist-high turnstile for a variety of applications, ranging from athletic facilities, cafeterias, and schools, to amusement parks, stadiums, and office buildings. This portable unit comes with a sturdy, non-slip diamond tread base plate, stainless steel guide rail and wheels for easy relocation of the turnstile.

Smart Card readers we use for our turnstile an flap gate solutions :

Matrix Cosec Vega FAX biometric access control device : Access control machine which support finger print reading , smart card, Pin pass words, with touch screen, WIFI, battery back up, POE connectivity, GPRS Sim card data transfer.

Matrix Cosec DCFE biometric finger print access card machine :Access control device which support finger print scanning , smart cards , Pin passwords , battery back up ,POE connectivity.

Key features of our visitor management software module which can be integrated with Smart sliding glass gates and turnstile barrier gates :

Visitor Pre-Registration: With Matrix visitor management software and Matrix biometric or smart card reader integrated with automatic smart gates, you can pre-register the visitor online to save hassle and time during the visit. COSEC offers a pre-registration page on the ESS where the host can enter visitor details, including name, organization, date, time, purpose, etc. Security would know all the pre-registered visitors for the day and keep visitor passes ready saving precious time for everyone.

Easy-to-Use: Software makes system easy to use and secured application with very user friendly GUI.

Visitor Pass Creation: Matrix COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management offers options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for a visitor. Security person can create customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details and escort name. Visitor Management also maintain records of all the materials visitor is carrying and his ID-proof for security purpose.

Notifications: With Matrix visitor management software , you can send e mail or SMS notifications for any kind of event depending on the policies created.

Visitor Access: COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management allows enrolling visitor's fingerprint or RF card to permit access to only selected areas where the visitor is scheduled to go. This prevents protection of valuable assets.

Visitor Escort: Escorts are necessary for many high-security organizations like science and research laboratories, defense, intelligence and detective agencies, government offices, banks, finance and consultancy firms. COSEC CENTRA VMM offers option to select an escort for every visitor to accompany the visitor to his meeting place. In such cases, visitor is required to show his credential followed by user's credential in a specified time period to allow entry.

Visitor Dashboard: COSEC CENTRA VMM offers security person live dashboard giving him a quick overview of all the visitors in a graphical format. It gives live data of visitors who are inside the premises, status of visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, etc.

Frequent Visitors: Some regular visitors such as couriers, suppliers, customers and maintenance staff visit the organization regularly. COSEC VMM keeps records of all the visitors and allows security person to pull up visitor information from the past records and eliminate the need for data re-entry to prepare visitor pass quickly.

Visitor Reports: Admin or security can generate various visitor reports such as visitor pass validity and status, visitor punch details, pre-registered visitors, visitor access denied, blocked visitors, expired passes, etc. These reports can be exported in various file formats including PDF, CSV, Excel, Word and RTF. Some of the visitor reports are.

  • Head Count
  • History
  • Watch-List
  • Pass Validity
  • Pre-Registered Visitor
  • Pass Status
  • Visitor Punch Detail
  • Enrollment Status
  • Expired Passes

Some of the key features of Matrix access control software solution are

Access Zone: Access Zone is a predefined physical area for which specific access policies are required. Access Zones can be created by dividing the organization into various departments like, R&D, finance, production, marketing and IT. Matrix COSEC physical controls who (User) goes where (Access Zone) and when (Time) for each Access Zone. Using this feature, employee of one department can be restricted from entering into another department. Sub zones can also be created within an access zone to regulate further entry.

Access Mode: User can enter into a zone by showing his credentials (Finger, Palm Vein, RF Card, PIN) to the reader. Admin can select any one or combination of any two or three credential options as an Access Mode on the door controllers to access any particular zone.

Access Level: Access Level gives privileges to a user to enter into a controlled area. Access Levels are assigned separately to zones and users, ranging from 1 to 15. If user access level is greater than or equal to the zone access level, the user is allowed in that zone. Different access levels can be assigned for different times like working hours, break hours and non-working hours.

First-In User Rule: In some organizations, employees or workers are not allowed to enter certain work areas unless a designated person enters first to ensure higher level of safety and security. Matrix COSEC keeps the door locked until the designated first user registers his entry. Once the First-In entry is registered, other users are also allowed to enter during the working time of the First-In user.

2-Person Rule: Certain sensitive zones contain valuable assets like cash, gold, data, intellectual property, etc. Security of such assets should not be entrusted to any single individual. 2-Person Rule allows entry only when two persons from an authorized group jointly use their access rights within a specified time. 2-Person Rule helps in eliminating frauds. This feature can also be used to ensure user's entry in certain hazardous areas.

Man-Trap: Many times two or more doors are arranged in a sequence to regulate traffic or control dust and heat. The second door should open only after the first has completely closed. Man-Trap offers programmable delay to regulate traffic or the flow rate of people. It also prevents any intruder from escaping in a hurry.

Guard Tour: Guard Tour facilitates enforcing vigil patrol of security guards or such pre-fixed movement of other people. The guards have to show his credentials (palm, fingerprint or card) on defined checkpoints at specified time period. Guard Tour can be programmed to cover all required locations in a specific sequence. The maximum time period to complete a tour and total number of such tours in a defined time can also be defined. Successful completions and deviations logged for future review and reports. Deviation can also trigger immediate notification or alarm.

Dead-Man Zone: It is essential to track the physical safety of an employee who is working in hazardous environments like railroads, mines, chemical labs, etc. Dead-Man Zone makes it compulsory for the employee to confirm his presence at pre-defined interval. If the user fails to punch within the pre-defined duration, an alarm is activated to draw attention of others. This feature can also be used to ensure guards remain awake during night shifts.

Anti-Pass-Back: Anti-Pass-Back prevents a card holder from passing his card back to another person to gain unauthorized entry. Second entry using the same card is allowed only after an exit is registered for every entry. Anti-Pass-Back helps organization in maximizing security by preventing fraudulent use of cards and maintaining an accurate record of the number of people in a specific zone. Anti-Pass-Back works in two modes.

  • Anti-Pass Back Global: In this mode, system verifies user's exit marking on all zones before allowing re-entry
  • Anti-Pass Back Local: In this mode, system verifies user's exit marking on local zone (same zone of entry) only before allowing re-entry

Do Not Disturb (DND) Zone: Do Not Disturb Zone feature is useful for meeting rooms, conference halls where people inside the area do not want to be disturbed by outside people. Users are restricted to enter DND zone till it is activated on the device. Certain users like VIP person can override DND rule.

Route based Access: Route based Access ensures users follow specific route to reach their destinations preventing them from wandering intentionally or unknowingly. A user must reach locations in a particular sequence which is defined on his smart card. The user cannot access devices which are not part of his route or out of sequence. This feature is very useful in large and sensitive areas like ports, pharmaceutical labs, R&D centers and mines where contract workers or external agencies need to reach their place of work following defined route.

Occupancy Control: Occupancy Control is used to control the number of users within a designated zone. Maximum number of users in a zone can be defined and when the count reaches this limit, COSEC blocks additional user from entering the zone. This is useful for facilities like seminar halls, conference rooms and cafeterias where space is for a limited number of people.

Smart Identification: Smart Identification is very useful where a large number of users are accessing one device. User's fingerprint and other information are stored on the smart card instead of the device. User has to show his credential along with the smart card. COSEC allows access and marks attendance based on the result.
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Precisely, Acix Dubai is well experienced in providing smart and efficient solutions for Swing Glass flap barrier turnstile door gates across UAE. So what ever could be your access security requirement we are here to help in much better way.